Can Musical Talent Be Taught?

Music is more than just notes and rhythm.  It is beyond what is printed on the page, beyond even what a composer might project for his own music.  The great masters knew this and their playing reflected it.

Most of us believe that the “secrets” of the great masters cannot be discerned or replicated, and that talent cannot be taught.  David Jacobson believes otherwise and would like to share this knowledge with you.

David is founder/director of the San Francisco Institute of Music, an accomplished classical violinist, and author of Lost Secrets of Master Musicians: A Window into Genius.   As a result of his research, he shifts the way we think about the very nature of musical talent and genius.

Dissatisfied with contemporary teaching methods and the generally held belief that musical genius is inexplicable and mostly unattainable, author David Jacobson went in search of a more reproducible model for the mastery of all instruments and voice, that is applicable to any genre of music.

Jacobson, a violinist, graduate of the Curtis Institute of Music, and founder/director of the San Francisco Institute of Music, has spent over 20 years analyzing the approach of master musicians such as Jascha Heifetz, Vladimir Horowitz, Enrico Caruso and many others, and uncovering their “secrets”.

He shares these “secrets”, step-by-step, in his book, Lost Secrets of Master Musicians:  A Window into Genius.  Jacobson concludes that the techniques used by these maestros are essentially identical to each other’s, yet fundamentally different from and often opposite to what is being taught today.

In an interview, David can explain how:

  •         Masterful musicianship can be taught
  •         Incorporating a few basic physical forms and mental mindsets can predestine a student to an open road to virtuosity. (The absence of this approach can have the opposite outcome.)
  •         Attaining genius is a real possibility for many
  •         There is hope for all types of musicians of all ages in all genres of music as well as for parents of musicians.